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Tens of thousands of vehicles require towing and transporting each year, and towing and wrecker services meet the demand for these services. There are several different types of towing/wrecker vehicles and equipment that can be used to relocate a disabled vehicle including a boom, a hook and chain and a flatbed. Towing services vary drastically. Whether it is a simple automobile breakdown requiring transport to an auto repair facility, an accident recovery, or a heavy, big rig tow, there are specialized tow trucks for every job. The type of wrecker used will depend on the size, condition and location of the vehicle that needs to be moved. Let Davidson Towing & Recovery work for you.


Davidson Towing & Recovery is your "go to" agency when you have a repossession need within Central Florida covering Brevard, Indian, Orange and all the surrounding counties. When you have a skip account, Davidson Towing   & Recovery is the company with the up to date skip techniques and a professional staff to help you secure your collateral quickly. We maintain "state of the art" repossession equipment to ensure rapid and responsible recovery. We have a secure storage facility to protect your collateral. We also maintain the best insurance coverage in the business through our national association affiliation which is up to $3,000,000. Davidson Towing & Recovery is accessible to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call or email us today!

Skip Tracing, Voluntary Repossessions, Door Knocks, Storage and FAQ's

Our seasoned skip tracers and agents are professionals using an unique combination of old school techniques and the latest in online technology for locating your customer’s current residence and employment. Door Knocks: We will visit your customers business or residence to recover your vehicle within 24 hours of assignment! Visits are usually early evenings and on the weekends. Davidson Towing & Recovery will store your collateral FREE for 10 days. 30 day police holds are at a reduced rate. If redeemed, there is a nominal fee to your customer from the date.